You can make a difference.

We are a 501c3 charitable organization. That means your donations are tax deductible!

Our federal EIN: 83-1577400


100% of your donations go directly to saving the lives of cats and kittens in need. These donations make it possible for us to fight for the little guys. We can’t do it without your support!

Monetary donations through PayPal or Venmo

Monetary donations help supply the babies with food, litter (it’s cheaper at Petco vs Amazon), enrichment (toys, scratching posts, blankets, beds, etc), vet care (both routine and emergency care or additional care for babies who require it), medications, medical supplies, and vaccines. Monthly donations, even if it’s just $5/month, is a HUGE help towards keeping these guys cared for regularly. This is the BEST way to help!

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Amazon wishlist

Amazon doesn’t carry ALL of the products these guys need (or have them at the best price), but they do have a great selection!

  • Rescue cleaner: I use this everyday! I spray litter boxes with rescue cleaner 1-2 times per week, use it to wipe up small kitten messes, or to sanitize playpens, toys, and even floors and laundry. I know cleaning supplies aren’t a sexy donation - but always needed no matter what age kittens I’m caring for!

  • Syringes: I use 1cc syringes most often for medication administration and vaccines. I follow strict infection control protocols and rarely reuse syringes. 3cc syringes are good for enemas for little ones. I prefer 10cc syringes for fluids and 20cc syringes (with a miracle nipple) for feeding itty bitties so I can best monitor their food intake. I also use the 10cc or 20cc syringes for tube feeding depending upon the size of the baby (I use their weight to estimate stomach capacity and feed accordingly).

  • Formula, supplements, bottle feeding/neonatal supplies: I never know when I may be asked to take in a sick baby, so I like to have a nice stock of supplies ready at all times.

  • Blankets: Kittens are tiny poop factories, especially when they’re battling parasites! I prefer to change their bedding often to prevent reinfection. Sometimes, depending upon the case, this means several times a day, which adds up to a ton of laundry. Having clean blankets on hand is priceless!

  • Carriers: I end up going through these more often than I intend because I will send babies home with their carrier if possible so they have a familiar safe place as they are adjusting to their new environment. I’ve found these are great for car rides (big enough for 2 adults and they can stand up comfortably), but they also enjoy sleeping in and on them at home.

  • Litter boxes, scratching posts, playpens: I don’t need these bigger items as often, as they can usually be used for several litters with proper sanitizing. Like all things, they don’t last forever and do require replacement from time to time.

Amazon wishlist

TNR Supplies

Being involved in TNR is SO important in rescue! It’s the single best thing we can do to help fight the overpopulation and prevent cats and kittens from suffering on the streets. Investing in quality equipment is vital to your success. TruCatch traps are second to none! They are, by far, the best trap I’ve used! The more traps I have, the more cats I can spay/neuter at a time.

TruCatch traps for TNR